3 Rules of DKnine Fitness

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DKnine Fitness is a little different to a normal gym or slimming club

For the simple reason, we are neither of the above

To start we ONLY work with men & women over 30!

For the simple reason that the whole program was based around what my mum would need from a program

✅ Flexible sessions to work around the family
✅ Quick and easy meals that don’t take ages to cook

The other 2 rules are very straight forward…

1: If you are looking to get massive and muscly then this program just isn’t for you

2: If you are the type of person who wants to take pictures of yourself in the mirrors… then again, this just isn’t for you!

You see, we work with men & women over 30 who typically don’t like going to a gym or have no idea what to do

Often they will feel anxious or intimated by walking into a typical gym

That’s why when they come to DKnine Fitness

That feeling doesn’t even enter their head

They feel safe, secure, at HOME

A place they can come, let their hair down and focus purely on themselves for 45 minutes ????

Ready to have that feeling?

Then come join us: https://www.dkninefitness.com/join/

Or claim a FREE 7 Day pass and test us for yourself

David 🙂

Welcome to DKnine Fitness

Helping Busy Over 30s, Transform Their Body, Health & Skyrocket Their Confidence In 6 Week

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