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In this month’s Blog you’ll find the best 4 New Years resolutions you can stick to!

What a crazy year it’s been! With Covid-19 still very much around the end seems pretty far and with Christmas out of the way it can feel pretty deflating.

If you’re wanting to make some changes to yourself or your lifestyle now the New Year is here then this month’s Ebook is a great way to start!

You’ll find realistic goals and achievements you can create and make 2022 your year!



If you’re wanting to change up your diet then the start of the New Year is a great place to start! Though many people will fail with their diet within the first month and feel deflated. The best way to make Dieting one of your resolutions is to be specific and create smaller goals.

Work out how many calories you consume on a daily basis and start by taking this down by 100 calories, this can be easier to stick to as the goal is smaller. Have a look at your diet and see what you want to change about it. Are you consuming a lot of dairy? Are you eating food that is making you feel worse? Below are some diets that are supported by scientists!

  • Low carb, whole food diet
  • Vegan diet
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Gluten free diet

There are many diets out there which can be overwhelming so make sure to take it slow and do some research to know which diet suits your lifestyle more!

Remember its normal to fail a few times, especially with eating habits, once you’ve worked out what works for you, you’ll be eating well in no time.



If you’re feeling like you need to make some changes in your lifestyle, then below are some great tips to help you get there.

Feeling as though you’re exhausted when you wake up? You need to be aiming for 7-9 hours of sleep a night. If you’re currently getting less, Get to bed just an hour earlier than usual. If you’re still waking up extremely tired, look at your habits before you go to sleep, are you on your phone? Watching TV? instead, try to put your phone away an hour before you sleep.

You’d be extremely surprised at how drinking a few more cups of water can help benefit your health & energy. If you haven’t already, buy a good quality water bottle that you bring with you and fill it as much as you can.

Skincare, it doesn’t matter what gender you are, taking care of your skin is important, not only that but it makes us feel refreshed. Try and incorporate a nighttime skincare routine into your lifestyle, do some research on the right skincare for you and you’ll thank yourself!



Do you often feel as though your day, month or even life just isn’t structured enough? It often feels like you’re not in control of your own life. As humans our attention span is an average of 8 seconds, we can become bored and distracted easily. Here’s a simple step by step to put some structure back into your life.

  • LET YOUR PRIORITIES LEAD -Without clear priorities, we often become overwhelmed by all there is to do. To avoid that, we need to decide on our top priorities and then spend 95% of our time doing only those activities, saying “no” to everything else as much as possible.
  • CREATE A PLAN – Design your “ideal day.” Begin by designing your ideal day. All the habits you’re trying to start or keep repeat daily on your schedule: reading, exercising, meditating, tidying up—even measuring habits. Add in work extras, tasks etc. Having a schedule
  • USE TIME BLOCKING AND TASK BATCHING -I do keep online calendars and task lists, but I prefer to plan out each day on paper each morning. That may seem redundant, but it helps me see clearly what my priorities for the day are, and it gives me the structure that I need to keep myself focused on them.

When you’re planning a particular day, start by adding meetings and appointments to your schedule. This will help you see how much time you have for projects and tasks. Next, block off time for your highest-priority tasks.



When the New Year starts we all feel very motivated to start bettering our health & fitness. Almost 70% of gym memberships that start in January get cancelled before Summer, this is due to the pressure put on ourselves to become fit, just like dieting, results are expected quickly & soon enough it’s no longer enjoyable.

If you’re wanting to get into fitness in the NY, here’s a couple tips to stay on track and enjoy your journey.

  • FIND WHAT YOU LIKE – It’s a common thought that fitness isn’t fun but it really can be! Instead of buying a gym membership and going on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Find what you enjoy, try swimming, try rock climbing, it’s all about finding your niche and working on your fitness through that.
  • START SMALL – Don’t go into your fitness journey thinking you need to be working out everyday, if you’re not used to this, you’ll eventually burn out. Start off small, 2 sessions a week, once you’re comfortable with this you can then build it up.
  • MIX IT UP – Even if you find enjoyment in a specific sport, over time you may get bored, add something different into your weekly schedule, If a spin class is on in your local gym, why not try it out? By mixing up your activities, you give those overused muscles, joints, and ligaments a chance to rest and recover before putting them into action again.


6 week body transformation course

Here at DKnine Fitness, we ONLY work with Busy Men & Women over the age of 30. The reason for this is simple, WE GET IT!

We get what it is like to have to come home after a stressful day at work and have to cook for the whole family. We get that most days, you struggle to find the energy to do the things YOU want to do.

We get that you have let yourself go because you are now further down the list of important people in your family.

So what we do is simple, we share with you a few very simple habits that can help you lose as much as 1.5 stone in 30 days and lead to that Life Long Transformation without having to go on any crazy diet or spend hours in the gym.

Our 6 Week Body Transformation Course, what is it? People come to us because they NEED more, more motivation, accountability and professional coaches who can get them results. We have 2 sessions types, Strong & Team.

🔥Team sessions are more Bootcamp, faster-paced and tend to be larger groups, these are based around fat burning, circuit style training and aiming to not only get you fit & healthy, but ensure your heart health too!

🔥Strong Sessions are weight based training, programmed each 4 weeks and you get more 1-1 time with the coaches during sessions. Not only are you looking to lose weight, but shape your body, tone up and feel mentally and physically stronger again. These are typically the sessions you wouldn’t do without a coach there as people don’t have the knowledge to programme a session/course to get results.

Our classes run all day, starting at 6AM and the last session running from 7:30PM- 8:15PM. You get unlimited sessions per week for the duration of the course. You book in and out via our booking app, which is flexible and sessions can be booked and canceled just 20 minutes before each class.



  • I joined DK Nine fitness in August last year and have never looked back. The staff Holly and Dave are amazing and the coaches Mike and Jon are the best you could get. They encourage you and explain everything. I’ve made lots of friends and everyone encourages everyone. If you want a gym to go to if you’re over 30 don’t be nervous as everyone makes you feel very welcome. It’s a fabulous environment to be involved with. Thank you DK Nine Fitness 


  • I recommend everything about DKnine Fitness. It is the best gym I have ever been to! I joined over 6 months ago and am loving it!! I am 56 and haven’t been to the gym for about 3 years so when I joined I was a little nervous but there was no need for everyone to be so friendly with staff and members alike! You can go at your own pace and the instructors , Jon and Mike are the best as they encourage you and explain everything no matter how many times you need to ask. If you are over 30 and want to just feel good and get fit, come along you will not regret it!!


  • I’m not quite sure where to begin when describing how incredible DKnine Fitness is and what a massive difference it has made to my life! I have just completed the 6 week challenge and I am hooked!!! The team could not be more supportive, the coaches are just incredible and the whole DKnine experience is friendly, welcoming, fun and non-judgemental! From someone who was lacking motivation, commitment and confidence (literally driving to the gym and driving away again without going in!) I could not feel any stronger – mentally or physically! The 6 week challenge has made me realise who I really am – and who I can be! I cannot explain how much it has changed me both emotionally and mentally… and physically??? Well, the photos speak for themselves!!! Thank you DKnine Fitness! The past 6 weeks have been incredible.. I cannot wait to see where, with your support, the next 6 weeks will take me!!!


We hope you enjoyed reading our 4 New Years Resolutions guide.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us a message, if you’re interested in joining and want to know more, let us know and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


-DKnine Fitness

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