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Did you know we have space on our 6 week programme? Space for over 30s who are looking to get fitter, feel more energised and have fun whilst doing it? 💪

Come and join us and see how we can get you fast, impressive results…

⚠️ This programme is specifically designed for over 30’s ONLY

⚠️ It’s perfect for absolute beginners or those who just need an extra push with their health & fitness

⚠️This programme is designed for you to see / feel results!

Not sure this programme is for you? Think again…

🍏 We’ll help you create lifelong habits

💪 Teach you how to feel confident mentally & physically

🎉 Get you on track to achieve your goals within a fun & supportive environment

⚡ Guide you through nutrition, balancing life & work and enjoying bettering yourself

Still in doubt? This transformation says it all ⬇️

Welcome to DKnine Fitness

Helping Busy Over 30s, Transform Their Body, Health & Skyrocket Their Confidence In 6 Week

When do children’s feet stop growing?

When do children’s feet stop growing?

Maybe you are a parent thinking of buying your kids a nice pair of shoes but worried about how long they'll last? Or you've just bought a nice pair of shoes but you're worried they'll be too tight soon... Kids grow at an incredible pace. Every child is different, but...

What does a low pulse mean?

What does a low pulse mean?

Bradycardia is when your heart beats very slowly. A healthy heart rate for most people is between 60 and 100 bpm when resting. Sometimes a low heart rate can be normal, such as in extremely fit athletes, but it could be a sign that something isn't right. What is a...

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