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From petrified gym goer to looking a million dollars

by | Dec 4, 2018

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From petrified gym goer to looking a million dollars

Last Friday night, we had the DKnine Fitness Christmas party ?

You may have seen some of the pictures on the Facebook page

What we to see when we do these events is how far our AMAZING clients have come

And today’s one is a very special transformation

To be honest I am not sure if any weight has been lost

But what has been achieved is an abundance of confidence

Because as you may have noticed, we are NOT your usual gym

We simply try and help you achieve those little personal goals you really want to hit

From not being out of breath when walking the kids to school

Or simply just dropping 1 belt size

So this particular client was petrified of the gym when she first started

She had had a few bad experiences at other gyms

From not feeling like she belonged there

To being completely beasted that she couldn’t move for days

We have taken our time with her

Made her feel really welcomed and safe in our “Over 30’s” ONLY gym

We have had cups of teas, and long chat

? LIKE IS SAID… We are different from the typical gym ?

So when she walked into the Christmas meal, with a room with over 100 other people having their Christmas party

And danced all night long

That is one AMAZING transformation ?

Ready? www.Cardiff.DKnineFitness.com/get-started

David 🙂

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