The 600 calorie breakfast


It’s been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While this may be debatable, it’s clear that a well-balanced and nutritious breakfast will set you up for a successful day ahead. So how do you go about getting your day started in the right way? Let’s find out!

Why choose a 600 calorie breakfast?

The number of calories you burn while you’re sleeping depends on a number of factors, but in most cases it’ll be less than 600 calories (the average is around 50 calories an hour). So if you munch your way through a massive breakfast you’re starting your day piling on additional calories you’ll need to burn later to get back on track.

What makes up a good breakfast?

A good place to start your day would be having one of the following

  1. A piece of fruit
  2. Some yogurt with nuts and berries
  3. A couple of whole-wheat toast, turkey bacon, and some milk or another combination with complex carbohydrates (whole-wheat products), lean protein (meat, fish, eggs), and fibre (fruit, vegetables).
  4. A smoothie with fruit, yogurt, and protein powder
  5. Porridge or whole-grain cereal with milk
  6. Whole-wheat toast with peanut butter, a banana

These sources of food are generally good for you. They have a mixture of fat, protein, and carbs that will help you feel full and let you have a productive day.

Some tips and tricks for you to consider

* Every day, you should have a healthy breakfast. This is hard to do when you’re trying to rush around in the morning. So at night, before going to bed, plan what you will eat for breakfast.

* Save money by making breakfast for yourself instead of buying it. You know what’s going into your food when you make it yourself, so there are no surprises.

* Eat breakfast every day instead of skipping it. It might be hard in the beginning but eventually it will be second nature to you.

* If you are trying to lose weight, try to eat food with low sugar. This will help your body feel better.

* Avoid foods that have a lot of sugar and fat like doughnuts.

* Try to have something different for breakfast sometimes – mix it up

In conclusion

If you have a good breakfast, your day will go better. You can stay focused and alert. You can also exercise or work hard at your job. A healthy and nutritious breakfast can help you lose weight as well. There are many healthy options for breakfasts that won’t have an effect on your body – just plan ahead!

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