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DKnine Fitness Newsletter (04.10.2020)

by | Oct 7, 2020

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DKnine Fitness Newsletter (04.10.2020)

DKnine Newsletter 4.10.2020

Good Afternoon! It’s October and this means we have just opened up 20 spaces for our October intake ✨ And so today, we want to talk all about why we are different. Yes, you can head off to a 24/7 corporate gym and pay £20 a month….But if we were all able to do that AND get the results we want, why aren’t we ⁉️ Because corporate gyms don’t suit everyone

Some of us need more
???? Accountability
???????? Someone to push us when we need to be pushed
???????? To listen when we need to be listened to

Who is going to message you when you haven’t been in for a week? They wont….but we will!


‘If you are persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it’

The quote says it ALL. Yes, if you are persistent and stick to a strict diet and exercise regime you can lose a large amount of weight in 2-3 months. However…the chances are if you go for a fast-fix you won’t be able to maintain it. Why? You will fall off the wagon because you can’t restrict yourself for the rest of your life. Thats why at DKnine fitness we push our clients to be consistent. This health & fitness journey is about changing your lifestyle but keeping it realistic and achievable so it lasts long-term.

Have a healthy diet but treat yourself now & again
Exercise but not for 2 hours a day 6 days a week

If you are consistent you will keep your results


After a long and/or stressful day at work you can do 1 of 2 things:

Skip your workout, go home, eat rubbish & sit on the sofa feeling down and disappointed with yourself


Go to the gym, sweat out your frustrations, head home for a hot shower & a lovely healthy home-cooked meal, and sit on the sofa feeling pleased with yourself and glad that you went to the gym

So, next time you consider skipping your workout…stop and ask yourself ‘How much do I want this?’ and if your answer is A LOT…you will head off to the gym. This journey is just as much about your mental health as it is your physical


Members of The Month

Congratulations! ????

Team-Training Member of the Month – Anna

Small-Group Member of the Month – Lestryne

Awesome work ladies – keep smashing it ????????


Climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest

Only 22 more days until the DKnine Fitness Charity Event! The challenge is to do 22,120 step-ups (onto a 40cm box) in 24 hours…the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest!
So great to see so many businesses donate vouchers and products! Do you want to be a part of the event and support a great cause? Send over a DM if you would like to make a donation from your shop/business!


Want to be considered for 1 of the 20 spaces available on our 6 week programme?

???????? Unlimited PT led sessions per week

????800+ healthy recipes & meal plans

????Full accountability

???? A friendly & supportive community

…and much more!

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