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It’s the start of a new year, so far, you’re smashing it! But, we’re reaching the end of January… It’s cold, you’re tired, work from home is no more and motivation is out the window. With a few excuses in tow and progress starting to dwindle, by the time February rolls around 80% of New Year’s resolutions have failed. 

How many years have you got to December, reflected on the year and realised you’ve done absolutely none of the goals you planned? You haven’t swam with sharks, you didn’t skydive and you didn’t lose the extra lockdown pounds… The past two years have been a little bit out of our control, and now we’re all struggling to remember what a normal year looks like and how to set goals for the future when the future can be so uncertain.

Lets face it, 2020 was a complete write off, everyone started 2021 motivated to make resolutions and goals work, only to be pushed back into lockdowns that seriously stunted progress. 

Therefore raising the question, HOW do I stay focused on my goals for a whole year? To be honest, we aren’t sure either, but here’s some tips we’ve thought of… we’ll try if you will!



As we said, 80% of New Year’s Resolutions have failed by February, and while that isn’t what we want, sometimes it’s just inevitable. Even with all the good will in the world and a solid plan, sometimes life just gets in the way, and that’s okay! 

When planning to achieve anything, there should always be some kind of contingency plan that allows for any problems you might run into.

Sometimes, planning to fail is a great way to achieve success. If you think you’re going to use plan B but you only have to use plan A then you’re already doing better than you thought. Sadly, it just isn’t realistic to be perfect all the time, plan to be imperfect!


Choose Specific Goals

Being specific is a big key to success, this can be time constraints or limits. Without these kinds of parameters on goals we end up with unrealistic targets, take bucket lists for example, if you want to complete a long list of things before you turn 50 but leave them all right up until the last year, it’s unlikely that you’ll get them all done leaving you disappointed. 

So, set yourself some realistic and specific targets. If you want to lose weight, how much do you want to lose and by when? Also, remember point 1 that it’s okay if you don’t meet the goal, as long as you’re putting the effort in to try, specific goals just help to keep focus!


Continue to set goals

You’ve got your back up plan, you’ve set your specific goals… and it worked! You’ve worked hard and met your target, so now what? Keep going!
You’ve now got a solid plan that works for you, with a back up plan in place, just in case, so what could be stopping you from carrying on? If it’s weight you’re wanting to lose and you lost the amount you wanted to then, if it’s healthy, keep going. If you’re happy with where you are then why not switch it up a bit.. You’re healthy so set a goal to run a marathon, or do a tough mudder. If that’s too much maybe set goals relating to a skill you want to perfect or a weight you want to lift. Sometimes, it might be just as beneficial to set a goal to maintain the weight you are for a certain amount of time.


You can do it!

Hopefully this has helped you understand that you can do it! But, if this isn’t enough and you’re still unsure, then ask for help! You can ask your friends or family to help, even if that just comes in some form of encouragement. Or, if you need some advice, then come and see one of us! As the staff at DKnine, whether that’s your coaches or your client care team, we want you to succeed, so we will help you in whatever way we can! Mindset is one of the biggest factors in doing well.


6 Week Body Transformation Course

Here at DKnine Fitness, we ONLY work with Busy Men & Women over the age of 30. The reason for this is simple, WE GET IT!

We get what it is like to have to come home after a stressful day at work and have to cook for the whole family. We get that most days, you struggle to find the energy to do the things YOU want to do.

We get that you have let yourself go because you are now further down the list of important people in your family.

So what we do is simple, we share with you a few very simple habits that can help you lose as much as 1.5 stone in 30 days and lead to that Life Long Transformation without having to go on any crazy diet or spend hours in the gym.

Our 6 Week Body Transformation Course, what is it? People come to us because they NEED more, more motivation, accountability and professional coaches who can get them results. We have 2 sessions types, Strong & Team.

🔥Team sessions are more Bootcamp, faster-paced and tend to be larger groups, these are based around fat burning, circuit style training and aiming to not only get you fit & healthy, but ensure your heart health too!

🔥Strong Sessions are weight based training, programmed each 4 weeks and you get more 1-1 time with the coaches during sessions. Not only are you looking to lose weight, but shape your body, tone up and feel mentally and physically stronger again. These are typically the sessions you wouldn’t do without a coach there as people don’t have the knowledge to programme a session/course to get results.

Our classes run all day, starting at 6AM and the last session running from 7:30PM- 8:15PM. You get unlimited sessions per week for the duration of the course. You book in and out via our booking app, which is flexible and sessions can be booked and cancelled just 20 minutes before each class.


Client Testimonials

What do you love about DKnine Fitness…?

  • Everything. I arrive feeling stressed and leave feeling empowered.
    -Ali W
  • It’s a laugh! I’ve worked out on and off a bit over the years but never stuck at it until I joined DKNine. The small groups turn your workout buddies into mates, and the PTs are fab at keeping us on our toes. I finally understand the appeal of exercise.
    -Katy B
  • It’s just perfect for me I always leave feeling buoyant and uplifted
    -Eliane G
  • It’s so friendly and supportive
    -Joanne H
  • The motivation everyone gives each other, one big happy family, best de-stress place ever
    -Carole D
  • “I love the community. Everyone at DKnine cheers each other on. We laugh so much. I come out of the gym flying”
    -Sophie E


We hope you enjoyed reading our New Year Motivation Blog

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us a message, if you’re interested in joining and want to know more, let us know and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

-DKnine Fitness

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