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It’s never too late to lose weight. Contrary to popular belief, you can set goals for yourself and take the steps necessary to achieve them at any point in your life. You just need to know what you’re up against. Losing weight in your 30s is entirely possible with a little bit of willpower and dedication.

The myth that it’s too late to lose weight

Lots of people believe that once you hit your thirties, unless you’re already super fit, that it’s too late to get in shape and lose weight. it couldn’t be further from the truth! If you set yourself a goal to get fit in your thirties, you can be sure that you will achieve it as long as you don’t give up. There is absolutely no excuse to let your age stop you from achieving your dream body.

There’s no doubt that in your thirties you’ve got more on your plate – and we’re not talking about your dinner. Work, bills, family…it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the tasks you have on your list and to turn to food as a source of comfort. The problem is that this strategy never works in the long run, because while you are busy not thinking about what you’re eating, your body is building up fat reserves which will ultimately lead to one thing – major weight gain.

But you gain weight little by little, and that’s the same way you lose it. In fact, if you’re careful with what you eat now, by the time you hit your forties or fifties your body will thank you in the form of a healthy and slim figure.

Why losing weight in your 30s is easier than you think

Losing weight in your 30s is easier than you think due to various factors. Firstly, you might have a better understanding of what it takes to be healthy so the temptation to indulge in unhealthy food is removed because you know the repercussions that it would have on your body.

Secondly, you may well have a family motivating you – wanting to see your kids grow up and being able to keep up with them is powerful motivation!

This means that losing weight in your 30s could be easier than you think – all you need is willpower, dedication and not forgetting to eat healthy food so that you can achieve the body that you want

What are the best ways to lose weight in your 30s

Most of the time, losing weight has to do with a diet that is healthy and nutritious. Other times, it has to do with how much you exercise on a daily basis.

In order to lose weight, you need to pick out which side to focus on. Dieting or exercising? Or both?

Exercise more consistently and create an eating plan that is reasonable for your body shape and size. You need to create a sustainable diet plan that you can stick with throughout the whole process of losing weight.

The simple rule of thumb is to burn more calories than you consume. If you burn more calories than you consume, your body will start to lose weight. This is the most basic principle when it comes to losing weight.

There are lots of very complicated diets out there that people spend a lot of money on and tons of time researching. You don’t need those! You just need to make sure that you are eating healthier and more balanced food than before, without completely cutting out the things that you love.

The trick is moderation. Don’t cut everything out – just change your habits for the better. You know that if you eat chips every day you’ll put on more weight, so create a diet plan where you can eat chips once a week instead of all the time.

Instead of skipping breakfast, make it the cornerstone of your day. Your body needs energy to get going in the morning – if you’re skipping breakfast each day your blood sugar levels will decrease and you’ll just crave more food later on in the day (which means consuming more calories). So make sure to have a healthy breakfast every morning and you’ll feel more energetic for the rest of the day.

This trick can save your life! Create a notebook where you track how much food you eat, so that you are more aware of what is going into your body. Make sure to include snacks, drinks, and desserts in this too.

Don’t be too strict with yourself – if you miss a day or two of working out, don’t give up! Just get back to it the next day and make sure to get more sleep so that you feel energised.

How much weight can you realistically expect to lose in a year?

Improving your eating habits can be accomplished by decreasing the amount of calories you eat and the number of carbs you eat while increasing the amount of proteins and vegetables you are consuming.

Exercising more can be accomplished by expending more energy than what is consumed on a daily basis. This can be achieved through any activity that burns calories, such as lifting weights, doing aerobics or cycling.

For instance, if you have been spending all day in front of the computer and eating take away food for dinner, then you are likely to gain weight over time. All of that sitting makes your muscles lazy and inactive, and the take away meals will make you gain excess body fat.

But if you instead try to move more in a day, for example walking every day and doing some weight lifting exercises at home for 30 minutes each night after dinner, then you will be burning calories and moving more throughout the day, lowering your body fat storage.

Your cholesterol levels could also have an impact on how much weight you are able to lose in a year – if your blood lipid levels are high then it is possible that as you age certain diseases such as heart disease and diabetes can develop because of poor eating habits.

Over the course of a year, with better eating habits and moderate exercise putting you into a caloric deficit (burning more than you consume) could result in losing 1-2 pounds a week. That may not sound like much, but long-term thinking and slow weight loss is more likely to stick. and 1-2 pounds a week could be 3.5 to 7 stone over a year!

Tips for staying motivated throughout the process of losing weight

It can be a tough journey trying to lose weight and many people get discouraged along the way.

You can stay motivated while trying to lose weight by focusing on the positives of the process.

What are some benefits of losing weight?

What is life going to be like once you’ve lost a significant amount of weight?

Think about all of the positive aspects that will occur when you’re at your desired weight. You might also set goals for yourself such as deciding what your desired weight is or how much you want to lose each week.

Another way that people can stay motivated throughout the process of losing weight is by rewarding themselves for meeting their goals.

Find something that makes you feel good and reward yourself with it after reaching your goal.

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